I'm Przemek


C# & Unity Developer


Let me introduce myself.

My passion is creating things. I started programming as a kid
and immediately fell in love with it! Since then, the most of my time
I design and code and sometimes rescue digital products.


  • FULLNAME Przemysław Orłowski
  • BIRTH DATE 5 March 2000
  • POSITION Senior Unity XR Developer
  • COMPANY XR Wizards
  • EMAIL przemek.orlowski@outlook.com
  • CITY Warsaw, Poland
  • ADDITIONAL SKILLS App: .NET, WPF, Ionic, Xamarin
    Web: Node.js, Vue.js, WebGL, Deno
    Design: Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender


  • > excellent knowledge of C# and Unity
  • > APIs (ADS, IAP, XR and more)
  • > OOP, DRY and KISS
  • > high performance code
  • > multiplayer and cloud services
  • > Shader Graph and HDRP/LWRP
  • > data serialization and editor extensions
  • > GIT, SVN and Mercurial
      code optimization

    More of my credentials.

    Years of experience with Unity 3D and C# development.
    Creating mobile games, multi-platform projects and advanced
    virtual and augmented reality solutions.

    Work Experience

    Game Developer

    Rapid Games Studio / 2016

    Project: Blacksmith Forge / Rapid Games Studio / iOS, Android

    Programming gameplay, user interface, sound handling, animation systems, ad mediations, integrating Google Play Services, Apple Game Center, micropayment systems and game analytics.

    Store link: AppStore

    Game Developer

    Graphic Designer

    ggds.games / 2017

    Project: Jumpinite / GGDS / iOS, Android, Tizen

    Designing gameplay, graphics, programing game core, user interface, sound handling, animation systems, data serialization and management, integrating ad mediation systems, mobile shared experiences game services, micropayment systems and analytics.

    Store link: AppStore

    Graphic Designer

    freelance / 2017 - 2018

    Optimum / Ketchapp / GGDS / RSGApps / Kowalczyk Media and others...

    Designing various categories of graphics for games:
    2D and 3D components, environments, user interfaces, concepts, characters, pre-rendered objects, icons, models and skeletonal animations.

    VR/AR Developer

    National Research Institute
    October 2018 - December 2019

    PC VR: HTC Vive Pro / Oculus Rift / Qualisys Motion Capture Mobile XR: Oculus Go and Quest / Vuforia Engine

    Creating immersive XR experiences with new technologies. Developing and integrating Qualisys Motion Capture Systems, HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift, algorithms to simplify VR/AR development, custom multiplayer and networking systems for Oculus Quest, tools, inverse-kinematics, and high-level virtual reality simulators/emulators for PC.

    Unity Developer

    The Knights of Unity
    December 2019 - October 2020

    Projects: Boomerang Fu, GolfSlam and more...

    Porting and optimizing games between leading platforms, such as:
    Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

    Programming procedural generation systems, shaders, gameplay, threading-management systems, editor tools, integrating mobile and console game services, creating assets and tools for other developers, reviewing and refactoring coworkers and clients code; and much more.

    Links: Boomerang Fu / Golf Slam

    Senior Unity Developer

    Tech Lead

    October 2020 - June 2021

    Projects: Idle Boxing, Idle Warehouse Tycoon and more...

    Creating extensible freameworks used to build all projects - from arcade to idle game generes. Managing project development direction based on data analysis and A/B tests.

    Developing mobile shared experiences: including achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer, in-app extension expandable content. Developing company major technologies, gameplay, editor tools, universal editor extensions, data-protection and analysis tools.

    Reviewing, maintaining and fixing code, optimizing graphics and performance, and more...

    Idle Boxing: Google Play / AppStore‬
    Smartphone Factory Tycoon: Google Play / [Work In Progress]

    Senior Unity Developer

    Lead XR Developer

    XR Wizards
    June 2021 - Today

    Projects: Mazer Space, MNet, Mazer 360

    Defining guidelines, specifying code structure, workflow and company-wide techniques. Supporting CI-CD, cloud services, cloud build, adjusting pipeline and data maintaining.

    Creating immersive XR interactions, virtual fullbody avatars, layered procedural inverse-kinematics, proprietary networking engine - security, management, prediction systems, ultra low-latency multiplatform video and audio streaming, Deno/Node multilpatform servers and APIs.

    Reviewing, maintaining and fixing code, reviewing pull-requests, maintaining repository, optimizing graphics and performance, writing custom HLSL and Compute Shaders.


    Some of My Works.

    Little showcase with some videos from my projects.
    Take a look!


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